Kimberly Haycraft, M.D.

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Dr. Kimberly Haycraft

Kimberly Haycraft, M.D. is a board certified family practitioner with current special interest and training in anti-aging, aesthetic and functional medicine. She has over 20 years of medical experience treating patients. Understanding a person’s background, lifestyle and health goals in a functional medicine setting helps Dr. Haycraft treat the root cause of medical issues and help heal the entire body. The treatment plans that are developed take all aspects of a patient’s life into consideration and are customized for that individual. Making sure patients are heard and all of their questions are answered before, during and after treatment is paramount for Dr. Haycraft.

Dr. Haycraft’s Philosophy

First of all, I have become more aware of major shortcomings in how we, as a medical system, provide patient care. Secondly, I am concerned about the direction in which the system is headed. Each day I meet more and more patients interested in pursuing more natural or alternative therapies. Not only do most physicians have a knowledge deficit in this area, they are not allotted the time to discuss with patients options outside of what the cheapest and preferred pharmaceutical option is on that particular day. Finally, I have become more and more frustrated by the assault on the physician-patient relationship with practice sizes getting larger and time with each patient shrinking away. To me, the physician-patient relationship is not only a privilege but a partnership. The only way to protect the quality of care I believe in was to start my own independent practice.

My current special interests include comprehensive hormonal evaluation including but not limited to bio-identical hormones, physician directed weight loss, nutrition and complimentary therapies including herbal remedies. I also have advanced training in aesthetics including Botox, dermal fillers Juvederm and Radiesse, sclerotherapy and chemical peels.

Hormone imbalance can affect many areas of a person’s health. Between the media and their health care providers, women today are faced with overwhelming and often conflicting information in regard to hormones. I believe women need to be able to make an informed decision regarding what is right for their bodies during difficult times of dramatic hormonal fluctuation. The solution is not the same for everyone. Patients need a physician to help them dissect the data and choose what is best for them. I do a combination of blood spot and saliva testing and endorse bio-identical hormones as a preferred management option.

I diagnose and manage a multitude of rarely recognized or difficult to manage conditions such as thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, andropause (male mid-life), and female sexual dysfunction.

Each patient has the right to be involved in his or her care plan. Overall health is multifaceted and involves fitness of the mind and body, which is influenced by numerous factors including nutrition, environment and genetics. Understanding and committing to practicing medicine according to these principles takes time. In order to guarantee my patients this time I opened my private practice. I endorse complimentary therapies including herbal remedies and nutrition as well as more standard medical therapies. I use evidence-based practice. I respect my patient’s rights to be educated about the options and choices of what is best for them.

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